Consulting - Business modelling is our forte!


Business modelling is our forte!

Expertise and knowledge in franchising is what you will find in the team at Runo. In fact, it is second to none! We pride ourselves on our professional, innovative, and strategic approach to all our franchise development projects.

Uniqueness is a stalwart in franchising. We understand that all businesses are different, and so are all business owners. We work innovatively and deliberately to create expansion plans that meet our clients’ ambitions and goals, yet consciously keep the plans simple and effective. We begin with the end in mind, keeping our clients focussed and educated in the processes required to achieve sustainable, profitable and highly successful franchise networks.

Runo - Viable Franchising Solutions

Franchisee site selection and territory research packs

A comprehensive tool for franchisees and franchisors to use when narrowing down a suitable location/territory. This tool has been used across a wide range of industry sectors and offers the researcher a set of guidelines to follow when researching the viability of a location/territory. Used correctly this tool will enhance the quality of the franchisees you take into your network.

For franchisors who employ this tool in their business, it ensures that potential franchisees take responsibility for the final selection of the location/territory they will be trading in, it ensures they are well informed about local area trading conditions, before signing a lease or franchise agreement.

Franchise Feasibility Assessment

An assessment that identifies the key pillars of the business model and the readiness of the business owner to undertake a replication process. This in-depth assessment works through the key elements of franchising and suggests a way forward in terms of the approach and timeline to successful replication.